Welcome to Amberger Industriemontagen, your problem solver, characterized by flexibility and customer proximity! We are your competent partner in the construction, conversion, dismantling and maintenance of industrial plants

The certified Amberger Industriemontagen GmbH & Co. KG offers everything other than the customary range of services. We are a competent service company which has made a name for itself in recent years and most of all in the service area of fittings. However, we also consider that we are strong in the fields of pipeline construction and materials-handling technology. Our employees are working in power stations, nuclear power stations, refineries and refuse-incinerating plants for a huge number of well-known companies not only in Germany but also internationally. Our flexibility, proximity to the customer and performance have made the AIM Group a company that is orientated to the future and growth. Our firm’s philosophy is based on allowing our employees and customers to grow together. At the same time, we face the new challenges that arise from the growth of renewable energies.

The AIM Group

The AIM Group’s companies stand for top quality, competence, many years of experience and absolute adherence to delivery dates in the service areas of power stations and industry as well as mechanical engineering. We are only satisfied if our customers are satisfied. We achieve this satisfaction by providing the highest level of service that is tailored to their needs. We are always ready to cater for your changing requirements and requests. We adapt ourselves to the market’s requirements continuously with a constantly growing range of services and products. The divisions of service, mechanical engineering and general engineering place our many years of experience at our customer’s disposal. The AIM Group actively adapts itself to the dynamic process of national and international environmental standards and it actively supports environmental protection by means of dealing responsibly with our valuable resources. Our enormous flexibility, proximity to the customer and performance have made the AIM Group an association of companies which is orientated to the future and growth. Take us at our word!